The Little Blue Guide


Thank you for choosing Something Blue Hair and Makeup for your wedding day. I am so excited to be apart of your special day, guiding you through your bridal beauty experience! Me and the team love what we do and working with our brides!

This is the Little Blue Guide, its your all important guide to help you get the most out of your bridal beauty experience! Hopefully it will answer most of your questions and help you to know what to expect.

Before your trial

Before your trial have a think about what you would like your hair and/or makeup to look like. Think about your personal style, what your dress looks like and the theme of your wedding.


It will be helpful at the trial and your will get more out of it if you have a slight idea of the styles you like. By having an idea to go from is always really helpful and a great place for us to start. Collect a few ideas from Pinterest and Instagram.

Your trial is a collaboration of us both working out what is going to look amazing for you! Make sure you let your artist/stylist know your likes and dislikes!


You’ll most likely of started your own Pinterest board which is fab! Please take a look at ours as well, you’ll find loads of inspiration to help and there may be a few styles that you like.

Hair Inspiration board
Makeup Inspiration for Medium to Deep Skin tones
Makeup Inspiration for Fair to Olive Skin Tones


We would love to connect with you on Instagram! Again this is a great place for inspo, we post our most recent work on there, it’s always good to keep an eye out as there may be something on there that you like too.

Follow us or send me a message on there, we always love connecting with our Brides.


Chat with your bridesmaids and get an idea of what they would like. We want you all to compliment each others look and for it to visually flow. Get your bridesmaids thinking about what they like and we can work out and chat through some styles at the trial too.

The Trial

The trial is the perfect time to figure out what is going to suit you and your style of wedding.

A trial for the one service – either hair or makeup, takes 2 hours. If you are having both hair and makeup then this will be 3 to 3.5 hour appointment.

The Consultation 

We will do a consultation to start with, clarify all you details and logistics. Then after that we will go on to chat through your hair and makeup. This will include talking about things like your usual routine, how you like to wear your makeup day-today, products you like etc. All these things are really helpful for us to see your vision and get a feel for your style.

Feedback – It’s really important!

As we go along make sure you give feedback to your makeup artist or hairstylist. We want you to be happy and feel truly amazing, so tell them if there is something you would like to alter! Honesty is always best, we won’t be offended!! If we aren’t told if there is something you are not 100% sure about we won’t be able to get it right for you. To get the best out of your trial this is a really important aspect.

If you are having a trial at Natasha’s Studio, she is happy for you to bring one person along with you. Please inform her if you plan to do this.

At the Trial – Makeup

Natasha or one of our pro artists will go through what your usual style of makeup is like, and then what you would like for your bridal makeup.

It is helpful if you wear your makeup how you usually would to the trial, this will give them and idea of your day-to-day style.

Let you artist know if you have any sensitivities or products that don’t agree with you.

If you are having the trial at your home try and place yourself by natural light for your makeup, this is the best light to do makeup in. A table and chair will also be needed to set everything up.

At the Trial – Hair

Natasha or one of our pro hairstylists will talk through what you envision for your hairstyle. Along with the finer details such as flowers in the hair, head pieces or veils. If you are having any of these then bring them along.

Let your hairstylist know if you plan on having extensions or would like to try them. Natasha has a selection of extensions that she can recommend or hire out.

Access to a power point, a mirror and a table shall be needed.

Tell your stylist if anyone in your bridal party plans on having hair extensions as this will affect the timings and the end costings.

The Wedding Day

Setting up

Our team will arrive in plenty of time to set up and get started. We will do you a schedule for the morning, this helps everyone to know when they are needed. The schedule will have been sent to you prior. Please let everyone know when they are needed and make sure that they are available and ready to go.

Please ensure that whoever is needed first is at the location prior to the Hair and Makeup artists arriving. They need to be ready to go after the team have set up!

Each makeup artist and hairstylist will need a table to work from and a chair for the bride or party members to sit in. Please try and ensure these are in the room and ready to use.

It would be handy to have a mirror ready for the hairstylist also. Working close to the a window or with natural light is always best.

Access to a plug socket is needed. 

House Keeping

All the party members need to have had showers and are ready to get into hair and makeup when they are needed.

Teeth must be brushed before sitting in the makeup chair. 

Please all wear a top that is easily removerable over the head eg. a dressing gown.

Steam dresses before hair and makeup application. Steam will ruin hair and makeup and there may not be time to fix it afterwards. 

NO PHONES during the services.

No eating during the services. Do this before or afterwards. 

You’ll need scissors to take the tags off your bridesmaids dresses. 

If it is an early morning start (7am or earlier) we kindly request that breakfast is provided for the artists. Water and drinks should be available throughout.


No dirty hair please. Please come with clean hair.

Extensions need to be completely dry in order for our stylist to work with them.


Straight Hair

Hair can be washed the night before or alternatively in the morning. It will need to be 100% dry if having it styled and put into an updo. If hair is damp the client will need to go and dry it off and another person will take their place at this time.


Curly/ Afro Hair

Please don’t use hair oil, if there is oil on the hair this will stop products from working!

If hair is to be diffused by the stylist, please come with hair wet this will help reduce styling time. This must be agreed prior, to allocate correct time.  

Stylists will apply products and diffuse hair then style.

Diffusing takes around 45 mins for drying without styling.

If there is not time to style hair from wet we may refresh the curls around the crown and diffuse those prior to styling. 

We also use a chopstick wand where needed, please state if you do not want your stylist to use. 


Blow Dry’s

Those booked in for blow- dry’s hair NEEDS to be 80% dry for us to start the blow dry. There will not be enough time to dry someone’s hair from soaking wet.


Please arrive to appointment with Clean washed face. No makeup on or pervious nights makeup left on!

Please brush your teeth before makeup application.

Ensure contact lenses have been fitted before makeup application.

Tell your artist if you suffer from any allergies or reactions to makeup products. 

NO PHONES during the makeup service please! 

No eating during the makeup service please, it slows down the service a lot. Do it before or afterwards. 


By sticking to all these things it will guarantee that your morning flows perfectly and we do not run out of time. This guide as been created with years of experience though doing many weddings!

Please share this page with your bridal party, if everyone knows what they need to do it helps so much!


 If you have any questions please contact Natasha and she will be happy to help!



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Thank you for choosing Something Blue Hair and Makeup! We can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day!